Look around you, hear the music, be inspired...

Quiet Piano Improvistions, Volume 2

And the journey continues...

This CD is the second in a series of improvisational CDs. The music is meditative, quiet, and emotionally rich. I find improvisation to be about living and breathing and creating right in the moment. I am playing piano with no blueprint or guidelines. The only guides I have are my heart, mind, fingers, and the sound of the piano. The melodies and harmonies are there, all around, just waiting to be played. The music in this CD is profoundly personal for me, the kind of music I play when no one else is watching or listening. I can absorb the quiet around me and play the music that comes straight from the deeper part of my soul.  As before, these songs were performed on a Steinway D in our home studio, no multiple takes or editing. Please excuse any errant barks, thumps or other sounds that may appear, they are just part of the moment. I hope this music lets you float free of your cares, for at least a little while.
Thank you,
Greg Maroney

CD available direct from Greg, $9.99 includes shipping in US only
Also available on iTunes

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