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Harmony Grove

Harmony Grove is derived from my rural life experiences over the past year. Living in the pastoral countryside of Pennsylvania has brought great delight and pleasure to me. Songs such as Natures Fury, The Chicken Chase and Halfway There are musical interpretations of my immediate natural surrounding, from the henhouse out back to the Appalachian Trail nearby.

The compositions in "Harmony Grove" were motivated by two core things:   personal events over the past year and writing songs into which I could integrate new techniques I have been experimenting with. Overall, the year has brought a great deal of joy and some sorrow. 

The song First Light  is about the first light of dawn coming through our bedroom's 9 foot picture window, waking us to the day.  The Reluctant Ballerina was written about a timid, reluctant dancer coming into her own as the music sets her free, something which anyone with a true love for music can understand.  On a more somber note, the song Elementals was written as my mother's illness progressed to her passing away, and the song Rising expresses the peace and relief of her transition.  Nature's Fury is about an approaching  thunderstorm, expressing the feeling you get while looking at the ominous dark cloud in the distance and hearing the rumbling thunder and seeing the flash of lightning.  Last but not least,  The Chicken Chase paints a picture of our chickens as they scurry about, chasing after the tastiest morsels of food. 


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Halfway There
Elementals - Simplified
The Reluctant Ballerina (revisited)
The Reluctant Ballerina - Simplified
Long Walk Home
First Light
Harmony Grove
The Gift
Beneath the Sycamore
Nature's Fury
The Chicken Chase

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Harmony Grove includes some of Greg's most requested songs; Elementals, The Reluctant Ballerina, Harmony Grove and The Chicken Chase!
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"Harmony Grove" is Greg Maroney's fourth and most inspiring album to date of original piano solos. What a great album! Drawn from life experiences of the past year as well as interpretations of his natural surroundings in rural Pennsylvania, Maroney captures a full spectrum of emotions and musical colors, and presents them in an accessible form that deepens with each listening. Maroney has been studying the piano since he was five, and the naturalness of his playing comes from one who has such an intense and intimate relationship with the instrument that it is truly an extension of who he or she is.
Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

The solo piano pieces on Greg Maroney's "Harmony Grove" communicate to me a deep appreciation of the simple works and pleasures that make life meaningful. This album dug into the soil in my soul and grew on me. Each time I listen I hear layers of life experience coming through as images in my mind, discovering each piece a little differently every time. I really enjoy Greg's touch on the piano. Not too heavy, with flowing and natural dynamics. The track "Elementals" has an almost classical sound, similar to Satie in sections, but with a modern voice. "Rising" brought tears to my eyes with the joy and relief that I hear in it, as well as underlying memories blended with a touch of sadness. I love the track "September". Its heartfelt passion and love come through in purest form like a September morning wrapping its arms around us in a simple and perfect embrace. The title track of the album "Harmony Grove" has a simple and heartfelt melody that speaks to me of growth, new beginnings and the bittersweet changes that time brings. I love this piece. "The Fury" also has a classical sense about it and is reminiscent of dark clouds leading to pouring rain. The album ends in a whimsical mood with "The Chicken Chase", an upbeat and joyous exit to a beautiful journey through a very harmonious grove! The album is exquisitely recorded; the piano sound clear with a beautiful tone. The charming cover artwork is perfect for the mood of the album. Overall this album is like a soundtrack to peaceful rolling hills in golden sunshine and roads leading home to open arms. I look forward to returning to it many times.
Laura Sullivan