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The Journey


Greg has painted poignant musical scenes of diverse emotional experiences in the CD “The Journey”. In his solo piano music you can hear friendship, quiet prayer, love and laughter, all the while feeling grateful for and cognizant of life’s incredible beauty.  If you allow your heart and mind to wander with this music, you will feel yourself traverse life’s journey of joy and wonder.

The CD has a wide range of emotions, from sweet and gentle ballads to darker, more powerful songs. It starts with “Valerie’s song” in tribute to the kind soul of a good friend who’s moving to Maine. The title track “the journey” is a powerful 7 ½ minute piece that begins with sparkling treble notes in the style of Debussy ending in a display of fire and passion. “prayer for the planet” is both a prayer for healing and a great reverence for the planet. “Waltz” was composed as a soundtrack envisioning 2 elegant dancers as they glide across the stage.

The CD ends with the love song “wherever you are”, dedicated to his special, amazing, creative, hardworking and patient lovely wife without whom this album would not be possible.
(and no, she wasn't the one who wrote this, but he did make her type it)



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  Valerie's Song
  The Journey
  Prayer for the Planet
  Sitting by the Fire
  Lighter Than Air
  Wheat Fields
  Wherever You Are

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Greg Maroney ~ Solo Piano, The Journey

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The Journey is pianist/composer Greg Maroney s eighth album, and he has once again outdone himself! Greg has been one of my top favorite artists since I reviewed Sentinel in 2002, and he just keeps getting better. The Journey was recorded on a superlative Kawai grand piano at Piano Haven Studios in WA, and the engineering is flawless, capturing Maroney s elegant and effortless touch. Longtime Maroney fans will be thrilled with this new release and newcomers will find it to be an inspiring and rewarding place to start. Fellow pianists will be happy to know that the sheet music for all eleven pieces on The Journey is on its way. The Journey begins with the lovely Valerie s Song, a sweet and gentle ballad that sets the tone of the album. Awakening is my favorite piece in this collection and one of my favorite Maroney compositions ever. While it isn t as big as Elementals or Nature s Fury, it has a similar emotional impact. Dark and somber, yet not without hope, it s an incredibly powerful piece of music. The title track more than hints at Debussy with lots of sparkling notes in the treble clef and a melodic left hand. The second movement or theme is a gorgeous flowing ballad that eventually returns to the first theme before moving to a third theme that has a strong rhythm and a dark intensity that brings the 7 1/4-minute piece to a passionate conclusion. Great stuff! Maroney s music is often inspired by nature and his surroundings, which makes Prayer For the Planet all the more poignant. Gentle yet very heartfelt, it is a fervent prayer that will touch the most jaded of spirits. Waltz is a graceful slow dance and feels much like a daydream set to music. Love this one, too! Sitting By the Fire exudes warmth and contentment. Anime is another favorite. It begins as a light waltz and becomes more intense as it evolves to a dramatic climax and returns briefly to the first theme. Wheatfields is pure Greg Maroney with a left hand that paints a picture of wheat gently flowing in the breeze while the right hand plays a beautiful melody that tells a story. Wherever You Are is a tender love song that comes from deep within and touches the heart in many different ways. It s a stirring way to end this fantastic album. The Journey is sure to be on my Favorites List for 2010! I give it my highest recommendation!
Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

This is an awesome cd....you can listen to it over and over again and never get tired of it. It really does take one on a Journey!
R. Sagnor