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Quiet Piano Improvistions, Volume 1

Another step on a musical journey...

I have taken a different direction with this CD, one that I found very compelling. Instead of carefully composing each song as I have done in the past, I simply sat at the piano and let the music flow in a spontaneous improvisation.
This was a pure emotional expression with reverence for the music that lives in my heart and soul.  Each song was composed and performed on a Steinway D in our home studio, no multiple takes and no editing.  Please excuse any errant barks, thumps or wind chimes, as we have 3 exuberant dogs and a house full of people who do their best to keep quiet while the recording is in session.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the music.
Thanks so much!
Greg Maroney



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  Courage to Fly

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Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 1
Greg Maroney
2016 / Greg Maroney Music, LLC
58 minutes

Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 1 is the first in a series of improvised albums by one of my very favorite artists, Greg Maroney. I have been reviewing Greg’s albums almost since he started recording them, and have been proofing, editing and teaching his sheet music for almost as long. I daresay I might be the only person who knows Greg’s music almost as well as he does! Even so, when he sent me a couple of preview CDs of these improvisations for feedback, I was blown away by how fresh and free these new pieces are. It’s not that his music has ever been overworked - this is just a new approach and direction for his music. Greg mentioned to me that the songs on the CD are very personal, and that this music is what he plays for his own enjoyment late at night when no one else is listening. “They express a selection of emotions from my personality, some happy, some quieter, some sad.”

While the title Quiet Piano Improvisations is appropriate, this isn’t necessarily background music or music to go to sleep with. Heartfelt expression and emotion overflow, but there is no dark thunder or turbulence. Sometimes improvisations lose something when they are recorded because they don’t stand up to repeated listens, but that is far from the case with this album. Most of the music has structure and is melodic - it just happened spontaneously rather than with careful composition. The only downside is that Greg has to learn the music before he can perform it or write out sheet music!

Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 1 begins with “Waterfall,” a joyful, serene piece that suggests a warm spring day set to music - a gorgeous opening! “Spirit Within” expresses grace and tranquility. “Cathedral” is a bit more stately and reverent yet has a beautifully relaxed and flowing feeling. “Quiet Reverie” is almost ambient as it freely moves from chord to chord with no specific rhythm or melody - dreamy and soothing. “Courage to Fly” overflows with warmth and optimism, lightly dancing around the piano keyboard - a favorite. “Salutation To the Moon” is uncomplicated, but packs a powerful emotional response. A bit darker than the previous pieces, the simple but very evocative melody and gentle broken chords express so much - also a favorite. My favorite track is “Remembrance,” a somber but very passionate piece that comes from deep within and expresses a range of emotions that are experienced when faced with a great loss. This is an amazing piece that flows directly from the heart of the artist through his fingers and into the hearts of his listeners. “Promise” is equally heartfelt, but is much lighter and more contented. It’s a beautiful closing to an outstanding album!

Although Greg Maroney’s approach was different with this album, the music is still very easy to identify as being his, so longtime fans will find much to love about this album. If you are new to Greg’s music, this is a wonderful place to start! Sure to be on my Favorites List for 2016, I give Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 1 my highest recommendation. It is available from GregMaroney.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.
Kathy Parsons / MainlyPiano.com

My wife and I are devoted fans of Greg. We love his new music and this latest CD. The music is relaxing to the busy mind; soothing to the troubled soul; meditative to the wandering spirit. Beautiful music while sharing a meal, having a conversation, or being alone and dreaming. Wonderful music from a very gifted artist. ~ Jack K.

Greg Maroney’s “Quiet Piano Improvisations (Vol 1)” CD provides the listener with an evocative acoustic experience that is both spontaneous and beautiful. In contrast to virtually all other solo piano albums available today, Maroney has created these 11 tracks extemporaneously, with only one take for each and no editing. Even so, his keen ear for composition is evident from the structural integrity of many of these impromptu works. Together, the 11 improvisations on this album form a coherent whole, but there are also stand-out pieces. The first track, “Waterfall,” beckons the listener to sit quietly near the base of falls that drop gently down into a deep forest pool, with a tune that creates a sense of peaceful motion. The motion continues with “Spirit Within,” a light and lovely dance, beginning in the piano’s upper register and gently transitioning to include midrange melodies. With “Iridescence,” Maroney evokes visual images of sparkling afternoon sunlight reflected off the prismatic surface of a quiet stream. In contrast, “Remembrance” mournfully meanders, and Maroney deftly creates a musical expanse of poignant elegance, all within the space of only two plaintive chords. Fittingly, Maroney closes this album with “Promise,” a composition that is sure to fill the heart with hope, even as listeners will doubtless hope that Maroney promises to continue creating beautiful music well into the future! ~ Jeff B.

I absolutely love this CD. I'm a yoga instructor and find that the quiet, flowing qualities of the music work really well for class. I also use this CD as background for any type of contemplative activity. ~Lori H-R.