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Greg composed this compilation of songs over the summer and fall of 2001.  The sun was hot and the air thick with moisture as he sat at the piano.  Out of that came Fire Drake, a fiery, fast song full of joy at the summer weather and thunderstorms, and Avoi Dance, written for his wife Linda as she lounged in a hammock basking in the sun, thereby avoiding all the weeds in the garden.  On the more tender side came songs such as I'll Remember You and Always.  The piece Castle of Wonders is a song rich in visual textures.  It travels through time, bringing the ruins of a castle to life with ladies dancing, torches blazing and knights riding out through the gates, their pennants snapping in the wind, before returning to the crumbling towers of the present.



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  Castle of Wonders
  Castle of Wonders ~ Simplified
  I'll Remember You
  Fire Drake
  Linda's Song
  Birds on a Wire
  Giant's Dance

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Greg Maroney ~ Solo Piano, Sentinel


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The songs tell wordless stories about Greg’s life, its events and surroundings, and the people in it. Warmly inviting, and always accessible, it is the kind of album that I dearly love - one where the music is complex enough that one can hear something new each time, and where the familiar strains grow closer to the heart with each listen. ~ Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

Greg Maroney’s “Sentinel” is a unique and moving album. The third track “I’ll Remember You” really interests me because of its beautiful sweet melody combined with a very interesting left hand counterpoint harmony which features Maroney’s virtuosic abilities. I am moved each time I hear “Always” because its melody reminds me of a soaring bird diving up and down, free, powerful and true… like a love that lasts a liftetime… always. “Fire Drake” is most energetic and exudes a wonderful triumphant spirit. I imagine sprites dancing wildly around a bonfire after a successful day harvesting berries in the forest. “Communion” is a piece that seems perfect for a spiritual procession. A walk along a beautiful path taking in and communing with nature in every step. “Birds on a Wire” absolutely charms me; listen and you will hear the birds talking with each other. And then they break into a sweet and melodious song. Maroney does SING through his instrument. My favorite track is the last one the album, “Giants Dance”. This sweet waltz would win over any giant with half a heart and inspire him to spin and twirl. Greg has created another unique and moving album with “Sentinel”, a treasure that will endure. ~ L. Sullivan

...mystery...carefree...heated passion
From the mystery of Castle of Wonders, to the carefree attitude of Avoi Dance, I enjoyed each song's creative images. Put Fire Drake on the repeat mode and feel the heated passion! ~ J.S.

I have rarely heard a piano played with such a deeply intuitive quality all while the music retains an element of fresh natural beauty. Sentinel is an excellent introduction to Greg Maroney and you may also want to look for Harmony Grove, Songs of the Water Rose and The Copper Hat. ~The Rebecca Review