Look around you, hear the music, be inspired...

Seven Valleys

Living in south central Pennsylvania has been a blessing for my wife and me. We have learned to be more self reliant, we are healthy, and have developed an acute sense of appreciation for our environment. We can fix our house when anything breaks, and build anew if the need arises. But mostly, we have felt closer to the land. This feeling is with us while turning the soil to grow our own food, planting trees for shade, or watching the seasons evolve from the warmth of a summer's afternoon to a cold snowy winter's day. The people who live here have taught us these things, 
and this music is dedicated to this place, this time and these people.

My songs are moments of life, captured in music. Sometimes these are the everyday sort, and sometimes from those that are life-changing.Addie is our little black rescue dog who smiles. Emma, another rescue dog, seems to live for the Fantastic Ride to the post office. Evening SongDaybreak and Cloudburst - these are all moments that we share and everyone can relate to. Becoming One is a moment that I can only hope everyone else gets to experience. But Dark was a time that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Last summer I began losing the sight in one eye. As it progressed and the darkness grew I wrote this piece. Fortunately for me, the problem was identified and treated and to this day I savor all that I see. Look around you, be inspired, hear the music.



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  Becoming One
  Seven Valleys
  The Dog's Fantastic Ride
  Brookdale - Simplified
  The Susquehanna
  Dark - Simplified
  Evening Song
  Before You
  Walking the Orchard
    Willow - intermediate


I received "Seven Valleys" and the first track brought tears to my eyes! So very beautiful. Please tell me you are submitting "Seven Valleys" for Grammy nomination consideration. If you haven't considered it, then it is time you did!" ~  Janet at WorldSound Productions
"gently emotive and evocative"  ~ Mark Buckles
A sumptuous, nuanced record... such luscious music... I had no idea what beautiful music was on this exquisite music CD. I'd bought it... pretty much sight unseen... because of a single musical track on the record. But now that I've heard the rest of it, I'm floored by its beauty. Greg Maroney is a superb artist and composer... and this is a fantastic record. ~ Jane Susan M.
"Seven Valleys" is Greg Maroney's sixth album of original piano solos, and to my ears, his best work to date. This is no small praise, as all of Maroney's CDs have been great and several of his previous releases were on my Top 10 lists for the years they were released. "Seven Valleys" is so good that I recommended that Maroney submit it for consideration for a Grammy Award. With all of the CDs I listen to in the course of a year, that should give you an idea of just how good this CD is. As with his previous albums, Maroney's music was inspired by his rural surroundings in south central Pennsylvania, his closeness to the earth and nature, his pets, life's amazing moments (good, bad, dark, happy), and the people who inhabit his world. Intensely personal yet universally understandable, Maroney paints a vivid portrait of his life, revealing a deeply spiritual yet very human soul. Few artists have the technique AND the heart to create such colorful and richly emotional music. If you are not yet familiar with Greg Maroney's music, this CD is a must. Fans of any of his previous releases will love this one, too. A more natural touch or sincere musical message you are not likely to find anytime soon.
"Seven Valleys" begins with the elegantly flowing "Becoming One." Full of passion and grace, the piece sets the stage beautifully. Some of my favorites of Maroney's pieces have to do with "big" weather events, and "Cloudburst" fits that category (both categories, actually - big weather and favorites!). The first couple of minutes of the piece suggest the building momentum of a coming storm - a calm but edgy beginning with electricity in the air; intensity builds gradually as winds start to swirl and dance; then the sky opens, releasing a downpour that is both energetic and refreshing - I can't wait for Greg to do the sheet music for this one! The title track is much more contented and sunny, but has an infectious energy - this is a happy place! "Haiku" conveys a sense of gentle simplicity and peacefulness. "Addie" is about one of Maroney's rescue dogs who smiles, and the piece exudes feelings of trust and joy in the small but significant things in life. "Dark" was composed during a period when Maroney was losing his sight in one eye. For a musician, this sort of thing would be extremely difficult, but for a trauma nurse (Maroney's "day" job), it is absolutely devastating. Fortunately, the condition was diagnosed and treated, restoring Maroney's sight. This piece is wrenching in its deep, tumultuous emotion - an incredible piece. "Evening Song" immediately brings us back to beauty and calm. "Before You" is a graceful and passionate love song that speaks volumes without uttering a word. "Daybreak" effectively captures the spirit and promise of a new day. "Rose" is another breathtaking beauty, emotionally rich and elegant.
"Seven Valleys" is an amazing CD that will draw you in from the first notes and hold you there until the final chords. Don't just put this one in the background - savor the many moods and emotions that Greg Maroney has so effectively captured and conveyed in his music. I give "Seven Valleys" my highest recommendation. Wow!
Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano