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Songs of the Water Rose

"Songs of the Water Rose" was inspired by the places and people of Northern California.  Greg lived in the mountains above Santa Cruz, in a winding valley that follows the San Lorenzo River up through the lush redwood forests.  It was this magical spot that was the inspiration for such songs as Wing River, Sunrise Through the Redwoods, and Silence Between the Raindrops.  Another source was the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, especially an area called Desolation Wilderness. While hiking with his brother, granite mountains looming on the horizon, the song Whistling Sun was born.

Greg wrote Waltz to Our Future , to celebrate his life and future with LindaIt is a vision of an elderly couple waltzing in their joy and love for each other as they pass through time together.  

Another, Song for Jana, was written for a close friend who was battling leukemia and sadly lost.  



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  Whistling Sun
  Song for Jana
  Midnight Awakenings
  Silence Between the Raindrops
  Sweet Saturday
  Simple Pleasures
  Sunrise Through the Redwoods
  Waltz to Our Future
  Wing River
  Alexander's Calling
  Faith Returned

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Greg maroney~ Songs of the Water Rose Songbook
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Going back to the beginning, the first music that was released on cd is now a PDF songbook.
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Beautifully Remastered Debut!

Pianist/composer Greg Maroney has re-recorded and remastered his debut recording, “Songs Of the Water Rose” on a 9’ Yamaha grand piano. The CD has been re-released with new artwork and much-improved sound quality. Here is my review of the original album with a couple of updates:

”Songs of the Water Rose” is Greg Maroney’s first album, and was composed and recorded when he lived in California. It is interesting to go through a composer’s work in reverse order as I have done with Maroney’s, as often there is a very big change in styles as the artist grows and matures. “The Sentinel,” was the first of Maroney’s CDs that I reviewed, and remains a favorite, but his debut is also quite good. As with his other releases, there is a combination of quiet pieces and some that are bigger and more turbulent. Of the quieter pieces, I really like “Simple Pleasures” with its warm sense of contentment and gentle flow. “Alexander’s Calling” is also very beautiful in a joyful, peaceful kind of way. My favorite piece, though, is the bigger and more powerful “Midnight Awakenings.” It feels very much like those times when you wake up during the night and your brain just will not shut down and let you go back to sleep. Several moods and trains of thought run through the piece from musings to worries and turmoil. Maroney lets the themes build and then trail off quietly, and then they start in again - much as those thought processes do during a restless night. This is a really effective piece! Greg Maroney is certainly among the best of our contemporary pianist/composers,and I hope he’ll get the exposure he needs to become more widely known. “Songs of the Water Rose” is highly recommended! ~ Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano