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Wind Chimes

At our farmhouse in central Pennsylvania hang many wind chimes.  From long, deep-timbered wood chimes to tinkly, quick-sounding metal chimes.  Each day, they are hanging in the same place, yet each day, they sound different.  The direction of the wind, its velocity, the thickness of the air, my mood, all contribute to how I hear the ever-changing combinations and layers of sound. 

And so it is with the music.  One day, a set of chord progressions will lead to a sweet, melodic interpretation.  At another sitting, the same set may be melancholy – with layers of minor harmonies and explorations of the bass keys.  A simple fragment of a melody may take off in an entirely new direction as I recall a different scene or emotion that gives it a new color and path.  Some of these fragments appear in more than one song, but each travels through its unique combination of patterns, layers and direction and ultimately, the exploration of the song’s spirit. 

And as always, the circle of fifths brings me back to Linda – my companion, friend and wife.



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  Dance of the Imagination
  Dance of the Imagination - Simplified
  Breathe - Simplified
  Mountain Snow
  Mountain Snow - Simplified
  Dancing Dogs
  Sanctuary Medley
  Whispering Wind
  1,000 Cranes
  Fern Grotto
  Spring Breeze
  Haunting Beauty
  Sailing to Atlantis
  Wind Chimes
  Taking Wing
  Along the Codorus

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Maroney has outdone himself again!
“Wind Chimes” is Greg Maroney’s fifth solo piano album to date, and he an artist who gets better with each new release despite the fact that all of his previous releases were great! His easy grace at the piano comes from a lifelong relationship with the instrument that allows him to communicate whatever emotion or event he chooses in a way that seems as natural as talking. Maroney draws the inspiration for his music from his natural surroundings, life experiences, and the people in his life. On this album, he refers to the many sets of wind chimes that hang at his farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania - how they are always in the same places, but how the sounds change from day to day depending on the wind, the thickness of the air, and his own moods. Music (and all forms of creativity and artistry) is much the same. On one day, a set of chords will go in a lighthearted direction, but the next day they could become very dark and moody. Maroney expresses many moods and emotions on “Wind Chimes,” but overall, this music is upbeat, contented, and very beautiful.

The CD opens with “Dance of the Imagination,” a gracefully swirling piece that has a lovely rubato flow that feels much like a daydream. I love “Breathe,” a slightly more abstract, ambient piece that also swirls and dances, but is a little darker and much more passionate - just gorgeous! “Dancing Dogs” has a Baroque style and a theme and variations form. The main theme is played straight; the first variation is a little livelier and more embellished as it picks up the pace. As the piece evolves, it gets faster and more and more fun - these are some happy dogs! “Sanctuary Medley” is a bit more stately and classical. The first movement is hymn-like in its formality, but the second has a beautifully free flowing quality, perhaps suggesting two different types of sanctuary. “Spring Breeze” is another standout with its peaceful, gentle warmth - refreshing! “Haunting Beauty” reminds me a bit of “The Reluctant Ballerina,” one of my favorite tracks from Maroney’s “Harmony Grove” album - very elegant and graceful. I also especially like “Sailing to Atlantis,” which is more mysterious and dramatic. As the title implies, one senses adventure and moving forward into the unknown. “Taking Wing” sings of freedom and joyous exhilaration.

Greg Maroney has outdone himself once again. One of my favorite pianist/composers, his music is always a delight to listen to and absorb. I’m sure this album would be fine as background music, but give yourself a treat and crank up the volume and listen to a pianist who really knows what he’s doing! Recommended!
~ Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

Wonderful Work
I had never heard of Greg Maroney until I started listening to the Whisperings internet radio broadcast at work. If, while I was working, I heard a song playing and thought "this song is really beautiful!" I would maximize the window to see who the performer was. Most of the time it was Greg Maroney.
His songs make me feel better, no matter what. I wish I could say this better. Relaxing-but-engaging? Definitely engaging, but for me at least, the music has a reassuring quality, a sense that Maroney knows exactly where he's going when he plays a song, and I know how to follow it....
~ MJ Taggart