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Sheet Music Transcription Drive

I am working hard to get my whole catalog transcribed so everyone can enjoy playing this music at home.  But, it is hard work and labor intensive.  Currently I am busy working on new music that I have been composing.  I also try to get to the older songs in my catalog, but I am not always able to get them done due to time constraints.  

Many other pianists use Patreon to allow fans and people who love this music to help with certain projects, such as making videos and recording new works.  I did not feel that this was a good fit with me personally, but I did think it would be a good idea for people that wanted to see their favorite songs get transcribed to be able to donate small amounts to help pay for a professional transcriber to pick up some of the workload.  

To this end, we have set this up to allow small donations that go toward having a specific piece transcribed.  The donation period will run for 2 months. 
If there is enough money, ($150) then we will get the piece transcribed and proofed. 
If there is not enough money after the 2 months, all the donations will be returned.  This will be easy for me to track.

People that do donate will get the specified piece, plus another song of their choosing.  

I appreciate all of your help and lets get some of these songs transcribed!

Greg Maroney

The first Sheet Music Transcription Drive was a success!


The first donation drive was for My Everything from Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 2.

It was a success and the new sheet music will be sent out to all donors with another song of their choosing, as soon as the transcription is complete.

Iridescence The next piece is Iridescence from Quiet Piano Improvisations, Volume 1.
This Drive will go until April 1, 2018. If we don't have sufficient funds by then, all donations will be returned.
To help get Iridescence transcribed, select your donation amount below. Thank you for your support.


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